Smart Ladybug, simplicity is the key to success!


Investing in the financial markets can seem like a maze for a beginner. There are a huge number of markets, stocks and brokers. Which ones to choose?

Investing in the financial markets therefore requires a level of due diligence, preparation and experience no less than any other investment in the real estate or industrial sector.

Our many years of experience have led us to understand the key drivers and market characteristics that are particularly important to succeed in this sector and we have developed a simple and effective investment strategy.

The effectiveness of an investment strategy is directly proportional to its simplicity.
Ladybugs represent protection, abundance and happiness.

The ladybug approach

The ladybug removes pests from plants and works in harmony with humans to ensure a rich and healthy harvest. Moving in small steps represents simplicity and consistency in achieving your goals. Plant parasites are like bad thoughts and self-harming behaviors. 

In the world of financial trading and investments, the first factor of failure concerns our tendency to repeat the same mistakes without learning from them. In fact it is said: "to err is human but to persevere is diabolical". The typical mistake of the emotional investor is to buy at the highs on the wave of positive news and sell at the lows when panic permeates the markets (panicselling). The second factor of failure is represented by haste, and by wanting to "bite off more than you can chew". In fact they say "haste is a bad advisor".

As W. Buffet said: "Markets serve to transfer wealth from the impatient to the patient."